The greatest source of stories is our own minds. Many people create Original Characters without intending to and these characters can be great for writing later on. This page is a bit like the List of Ideas page in that it has a list that people can (and should) add on to. The main difference is that this list is of characters that people invent, and that can be used for many stories. Every new story should start with an original character.

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Here is the list... (If it says Nameless, then the character has no specific name)
  • Elanor- an old woman who can see ghosts that no one else can see
  • Elanor- an old woman who can see ghosts that no one else can see
    Chippy- a puppy who loves food and often gets stuck under fences
  • Carlos- a strange man who appears in many dangerous places
  • Mr. Capunch- a man who runs a grocery store but does black market work by night
  • Spritz- a hamster who is tortured by a small child (not purposefully) and hatches a plan to escape
  • Densawer(don-seu-ware)- a wild chicken plotting revenge on the world for stopping his evil plan to kill all snails
  • (Nameless)- a worm-like creature with an afro, that eats earthworms
  • Snipskiff (Jonathan Lagraloose)- A smart yet evil man who uses his brains to create technology for evil
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