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Remember that this is a place for people of all kinds to share their ideas, so feel free to add any ideas of yours, as long as you are fine with other people using these ideas. Any random, fleeting thought is perfect to add to this list.

List of Ideas

  • Some mutant animals are born with wings
  • Three frogs that live in a pond suffer through a drought
  • An extinct butterfly is fossilized but is revived by a scientist
  • Tacos become an endangered species
  • Dragonflies start to believe that they are descended from dragons
  • A puppy gets abandoned but finds an injured person and later becomes a Search and Rescue dog
  • A strange ingredient falls into a batch of marshmallows and brings them to life
  • A group of raccoons steal wings from some ravens, and the ravens must plot to get them back
  • A haunted house catches fire one night and the police believe that it wasn't an accident
  • A genius test subject guinea pig decides to do evil experiments on people as revenge
  • Five young mice go searching for the farmer's wife who cut off the tails of their grandfather and two of his friends with a carving knife.
  • A baby bear falls into a box of teddy bears and ends up loose in a store
  • Baby chihuahuas think that they are super tough and strong so they venture into the city and find out the truth
  • A chicken and a penguin become best friends and move to a desert
  • Tribes of porcupines fight over ownership of a hedge growing in the middle of a forest
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