• Kittrianna

    What Are Story Challenges?

    February 11, 2020 by Kittrianna

    Story Challenges are a kind of Wiki Activity. They are unique pages that give a few details to inspire a story. There are usually three objects given. Using those three words, people may write their own stories (which may be of any length) in the comments, or by using Edit, and writing their story below the other writing on the page. They are made to be fun and interesting. A person may write any story as long as it is appropriate, and uses the given details.

    A few examples of these pages are . . .

    • (Bears, Bees, and Pumpkins)
    • (Petunia, Sock, and Robin)
    • (Hunter, Toffee, Barrels)
    • (Onion, Syrup, and Chicken)
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